Hi there and Welcome to Veiled Beauty!

If this is your first time visiting my site, it’s great to have you! And considering that you’re on our About page, you obvi want to know more about Veiled Beauty, right? Well, I thought as much!

On Veiled Beauty, you can expect a variety of posts spanning the fashion, beauty and (sometimes) lifestyle categories.
I update my site every weekday at 6am, so remember to check in every morning for your daily dose!
Whether you’re looking for makeup tutorials, beauty tips and advice, DIY projects, OOTD inspiration or reviews on the latest beauty products, you can be sure to find it here on http://www.veiledbeauty.co.za!

All of the posts that you see/read on Veiled Beauty, have been compiled by me – Raeesa! By day, I’m a postgrad student and in between lectures and tutorials, I blog for Veiled Beauty.
I’ve been blogging for over a year now and the experience has been truly rewarding – I’ve discovered my true passion and could never be happier.
And as I grew and discovered myself, my blog grew with me – perhaps, you’d remember a little blog by the name of the Girl in the Green Hijab? Yup, well that was me, or rather my blog, before it evolved into Veiled Beauty – change is good, don’t you think?

Anyway, now that you know more about me, my blog and it’s past, you should head on over and read some of my latest posts, I promise you will enjoy them!



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